We’ve compiled some of our favourite videos on YouTube from GCFLearnFree.org for beginners or professionals looking to brush up on the basics of design.

Fundamentals of Design

This video on the fundamentals of design, starts with the simple line.


Colour / Color

Ignore the spelling in the video, colour (with a u) is naturally a huge part of what influences the look and feel of designs. This video takes you though the concept of the colour wheel and how combinations of colours change the feel of a design.



Images are ‘the hook that draw the viewer in’. Whether they are stock or original, images are one of the most important parts of any design. This video takes you through how stock photos can be used, what a vector images is and some tips on what to avoid.



Typography is the ‘style or appearence of text’ and there are millions of choices out there. This video will help you know what serif, sans serif or display fonts are and the basics of how to use them.


Layout and Composition

If colour, images and fonts are your main design elements, composition is the glue that binds them all together. This video gives practical advice for how to compose designs that grab attention.