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Tired of expensive mark-ups on freelance fees which inflate the cost and reduce the value of using contractors?

Same here.

That’s why at NU Creative Talent we think it’s fairer to charge a single fixed placement fee, regardless of the freelancer’s day rate. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a junior for £200 a day or someone super-senior for £1,000…our fee remains the same.

Costs cover you for the whole month, so the more days you use your freelancer, the more value you gain.

Need multiple contractors? No problem – we’ll reduce our fee further for each additional freelancer we place with you.

We’re shaking up the traditional freelance recruitment model. Contact us if you’re ready to shake with us.

Talent on demand

Talent on Demand benefits

Fixed fee, no % hikes

Volume and duration-based discounts

Rapid turnaround

Trusted freelance database