Winter is in full swing but the first signs of Spring are just around the corner.

You might not even be looking to change jobs right now, however, periodically updating it can make it far less painful when you do decide to look for a new role.

We’ve got 5 tips to help with that CV refresh.

  • Add or update your current role. Weirdly, this can be the hardest part even though it’s the job you’re doing right now. Imagine your role were to end today and you’re looking back at all the thing you’ve done and achieved since you started and go from there.
  • Make sure your personal details are up to date. Have you moved? Changed your phone number? Sounds like a really simple thing but it’s a quick and easy change and something that could be easily overlooked.
  • Do those older jobs need updating or removing entirely? As your career progresses and your experience grows, the oldest jobs on your CV may not be so relevant anymore. If removing them entirely leaves a big gap at the beginning of your career, it might be worth keeping them as one line entries and make the one line relevant to what you’re doing now. If they’re really not relevant and taking up valuable space, remove them altogether.
  • Update your skills and volunteer work. Have you been on a course recently? Signed up to volunteer for a charity in your community? These things can easily be forgotten about or not appear relevant but they can boost your CV and make it stand out. It shows you’re hard-working and open to learning new things.
  • Make your past jobs relevant to your next role. This one takes a bit of foresight and knowledge of what role you’re likely to be looking for next. It’s also a slightly bigger task. A helpful idea is to save multiple versions of your CV and edit the past roles to fit a particular kind of role. When it comes to actually applying for a role, you can pick and choose the most relevant versions from each copy to construct a final version that is tailored to the job.

If you’ve ever started the process of updating your CV and quickly lost the will to live, a regular CV refresh will definitely help. You never know, a quick update of their CV might inspire you to look for your next role sooner than you anticipated.