As the festive season rolls around again, this is a question some of you might be asking yourself.


Do you feel too busy to spend time applying for jobs? Are recruiters or companies looking for new employees over Christmas? Can’t it just wait until the New Year? Here are some reasons why you should keep plugging away with that new job search throughout the festivities.

Christmas and the New Year is a time of change

As another year ends, change is in the air. Companies might be feeling the need for change too and be posting new jobs online or with recruiters before the New Year begins. Applying for these jobs as soon as they appear online, rather than waiting, could make the difference between standing out and getting lost in the crowd. You might even bag yourself a new role before the New Year and be able to hand in your notice on your first day back. If that’s not the definition of ‘New Year, New Me’ I don’t know what is.

There could be less competition

Chances are, most people are having the same feelings about job hunting over the Christmas period. If there are fewer applications landing in a recruiter or hiring managers inbox, your application is more likely to stand out. Recruiters are often under pressure to meet their December sales targets so work over the festive period when a lot of people are off. Capitalise on the fact that there are fewer applications rolling in.

You probably have more time

The lead up to Christmas is often very busy, however, we all know about the lull there is immediately following the big day. This quiet and restful time could be the perfect opportunity for a CV refresh, a portfolio update or a cover letter re-write. Even if you don’t feel entirely up to applying for jobs, when January roles around you’ll be ready to attack it because everything is already updated.

January is surprisingly busy

January can feel like a lull or ‘the worst month of the year’, however, January could also be your busiest month. Your company wants to make changes for the year, implement plans, shake things up or start that new process. ‘New Year, New You’ thinking also means the New Year is when resolutions take over. We’ll all be down the gym 5 times a week, starting that new hobby, writing that book you’ve always wanted to write. Suddenly any free time to job hunt is taken up with resolutions.

Take action now, not tomorrow

This applies year round. You want to make a change so make that change now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow there could be a perfectly good excuse to start the following day or the following day. How many times have you said ‘Oh I’ll start that in January!’.