Job hunting and applying can take time, and we understand that finding your new role may have taken longer than you hoped. So, whether luck hasn’t been on your side, or you’ve been selective about job roles, here are 6 New Year’s resolutions to help kick-start your job hunt into the new decade.


Apply for Jobs You’d Previously Dismissed


Job descriptions don’t always cover everything a role entails. A description is an overview but read between the lines and there could be a lot more to a role than is written in a job spec. You can also ask the recruiter for additional information. ‘On paper’ a role might not seem like the most interesting, but a little bit of digging can reveal more.


Get Social on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a digital CV but it’s also a social media network. Not using the social media side of LinkedIn is like having the perfect CV but not sending it to anyone. Engage with people on LinkedIn, like their posts, share your own content that relates to your career and people will take a look at your profile. It might not instantly lead to headhunting scenarios but you’ll be on their radar when the time comes.


Reconnect with Recruiters


Recruiters will be looking to start strong in the first quarter of 2020, so contact all the recruiters you’ve spoken to in the past to put yourself back on their radar. Remember that January is a busy time for job hunting – ‘new year, new job’ – so don’t be put off if you don’t get the speediest response, just keep trying.


Consider Going Freelance


Depending on what role you’re after, freelance work could be an excellent bridge between full-time roles. You may enjoy it enough to just stick with freelance work for the long haul. Many recruiters and employers have freelance roles available but they often don’t get advertised as much as full-time roles.


Go the ‘Old Fashioned’ Route


Remember the days when you had to print your CV and drop it off at places that may be hiring? Perhaps an ‘old-fashioned’ approach could boost your chances of finding roles that are not actively being advertised. Call companies, email them, drop by in person and just ask. Draw on your network. But don’t post your CV to recruiters; in theory, it’s a novel approach, but in reality it’s likely to be dealt with less speedily than an email followed by a call.


Utilise Your Existing Network


People can be very coy when looking for a new job but many of us have an extended social media network we can call upon when we’re looking for a new job. In many ways, the fact that it is customary to keep looking for a new job a secret from your current employer hinders your chance to do this as openly as you may like to. Why not PM people who might be able to help, you have nothing to lose just asking.


We hope these tips will help kick-start your job hunt in 2020. Remember, you can always contact us if you’d like bespoke advice from our consultants.