Social media can help you find a new job, research a company you’re interviewing for and be an extension to your CV or portfolio.

Social media can also hinder your chances of securing or even keeping a new job. We’ve got 5 tips for you on the positives and negatives of job hunting and social media.

1. Use social media to find a new job.

Social media is now a very powerful tool for recruiters and internal recruitment teams to share their latest jobs. Following recruiters that regularly share the kind of jobs you’re looking for will be a regular reminder of jobs to add to your apply list. It may even give you information about jobs that are not on jobs boards. Companies you’d love to work for may also share internal jobs on their social media channels so it’s worth making a list of who are you dream employees and following them.

2. Don’t allow your social media presence to hinder your job hunt

Recruiters and companies will look at public social media accounts. People assume they won’t bother but trust us, they do. That’s not to say you have to delete your accounts or make everything private, just consider what you’re posting online from their perspective. Do you have comments on LinkedIn about previous jobs or colleagues? Have you tweeted something that could be considered controversial and at odds with their company culture? Are there unflattering photos on Facebook of you blind drunk? Consider looking at your profiles from a different perspective or getting a friend to give their opinion.

3. Use social media to research a company prior to an interview.

Researching a company effectively prior to an interview can arm you with questions and answers that show your interest in the company, prove you’ve done some research and inform some unique questions for the interviewer.  In fact, we wrote a whole blog post about this very topic you can take a look at.

4. Use social media as an extension to your CV.

Linked-in is the obvious platform for this as your profile on this powerful job hunting platform is your CV. The additional perks of Linked-in can actually make it far more powerful than your CV as you can have recommendations and it’s not restricted to the two page A4 rule of traditional written CVs. Built into Linked-in is a lot of helpful advice for making your profile as strong and impactful as possible. Make sure your Linked-in profile is easy to find, with details that tie your cv to your profile. Feedback from our consultants was that it can really hinder your chances of being considered for a role when they can’t find your Linked-in profile.

5. Use social media as an extension to your portfolio

Are you a graphic designer, videographer or photographer with a meticulously curated portfolio of creative work? Social media could be a great way to extend your reach online or as an add on to your portfolio. You never know, having a strong online following could be the way some companies come across your work.

Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms for social media based portfolios due to their focus on photography and imagery.

To conclude, social media could be your strongest asset to finding your next perfect job but it can also be the reason it’s not working out for you. Looking at you social media channels with fresh eyes could help make all the difference.