1. Are you tailoring your applications?

Your experience may fit 3 or 4 similar roles but you only have one CV and cover letter. Tailoring your applications to fit the role could make all the difference. Make a list of the different roles you are going for and create separate CVs and cover letters for each role. The basic structure can be the same for all of them but something as simple as using the specific name of the job role could be what makes it stand out. It sounds like a lot of work but it could be as simple as changing 3 – 5 points across the whole CV that makes it feel unique to a job role.

2. Are you on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the first places recruiters will look when researching candidates for a new role. One of the reasons people don’t like this social media platform – too many recruiters – is exactly why it’s such a valuable tool for job hunting. Your LinkedIn should reflect your CV but also has scope to expand upon it.

3. Are you making spelling and grammar mistakes?

We have a whole blog post about this but it cannot be repeated enough. Our consultants report that spelling and grammar mistakes are still a big issue in many of the applications they come across. With tools like Word spellcheck and Grammarly, there really is no excuse for these issues to appear in your application. For extra help, ask your spelling expert wordsmith friend or family member for a second opinion. They may also be able to jazz up your application a little to make it stand out.

4. You’re not applying for enough jobs.

‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is a fitting phrase for people who apply for one ‘perfect’ job with certainty that they’re going to get it.  Whilst we don’t suggest applying for all and every job that feels remotely connected to your experience, job hunting is a bit of a numbers game. We advise setting goals for how many jobs you’re going to apply for per day or per week. Just getting those applications sent can boost your confidence immeasurably that your next role is just a few clicks away. Sign up for job alerts to get regular updates to remind you to apply.

5. Are you avoiding recruiters?

If the answer is yes, you’re unlikely to be reading this! Unfortunately some recruiters gives the whole industry a bad name with poor communication and a heavy handed approach. NU Creative Talent do not subscribe to this mode of recruitment and we highly recommend giving recruiters a chance. Many companies will only recruit via recruitment agencies therefore you are restricting your job hunt by avoiding them. Recruiters often have jobs that never go online or can recommend jobs you’d never thought about applying for. Turn it on its head and utilise recruitment consultants to make your job hunt easier.